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Source: Vongole’s #GivingTuesday Fundraiser.

This #GivingTuesday We are raising money for Creative Music Foundation Inc and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. And on Giving Tuesday Nov 27, Facebook and PayPal will match a total of $7 Million in donations. Thank you for your support!


Braxton75 Upcoming Celebrations

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation. Anthony Braxton’s 75th birthday will be a multi-year celebration.

The Tri-Centric Foundation is excited to announce Braxton75 – a new initiative building up to Anthony Braxton’s 75th birthday celebration in June 2020. Braxton75 fuses three of Tri-Centric’s key goals: supporting live performance of Braxton’s work, publishing and distributing the compositions, and offering pedagogical services to both the professional and lay music community to nurture the next generations of artists and audiences interested in these creative practices.

Paul Dunmall Wins Paul Hamlyn Award

Source: LondonJazz.

Ten visual artists and composers living and working in the UK each receive £60,000 over three years with no strings attached, making this the largest and most flexible award for individual artists in the UK. Among this year’s awardees is PAUL DUNMALL.

The Paul Hamlyn Awards for composers and visual artists support artists with two objectives:

– To encourage artists to continue to practice despite outside pressures, financial or otherwise.
– To support visual artists and composers, across the broadest range of practices and genres.

AMN Picks of the Week: Snek Trio / Adams, Howard & Lyons / Robert Scott Thompson / Experiment#508 / Bryce Catherin

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Snek Trio – November 14th 2018 (2018)
Adams / Howard / Lyons – Live at Elastic Arts, May 9, 2018 (2018)
Robert Scott Thompson – Phonotopological (2018)
Experiment#508 – The Hollow Ward (2018)
Bryce Catherin – make sure you have exhausted all that is communicated through stillness… (2018)

Wadada Leo Smith Receives 2018 Religions and the Arts Award

Source: American Academy of Religion.

Since joining the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians in 1967, Smith has consistently practiced such investigation. As he himself evolved religiously—his influences include his Christian upbringing as well as Rosicrucianism, Rastafarianism, and Islam—Smith has steadily documented his music, which collectively has produced a huge body of work that changes our understanding of what “music” is, and how new musical ideas can promote justice, solidarity, and reflectiveness among humans.

AMN Reviews: René Lussier “Quintette” [Circum-Disc Microcidi012]

Prolific and eclectic guitarist René Lussier’s credits include more than sixty film soundtracks and more than thirty albums.  Lussier’s music, while drawing from a variety of contemporary experimental musical ideas, has a unique sense of melody that is colored by the frequent use of folk like “clogging” motor rhythms that are injected with the power and energy of rock. In addition to his work in experimental music and free improvisation Lussier  has performed and recorded with several groups including Conventum, Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar, Fred Frith’s Keep the Dog and The Fred Frith Guitar Quartet.

Lussier’s latest album “Quintette” finds him in the company of drummers Robbie Kuster and Marton Maderspach, Julie Houle – tuba/euphonium and accordionist Luzio Altobelli.  Lussier assembled this group at the end of 2016 and they have been rehearsing and performing ever since. His concept for this group was to create music where the written and the improvised live together allowing each performer a lot of freedom while preserving the character of the original composition. Lussier’s arrangements continually shift roles across the instruments as the music’s modules are overlaid on one another. The result is ten pieces of tuneful, energetic and imaginative music that is simultaneously precise, frantic and wild. “Quintette” is an album that I believe should turn up on many “Best of 2018” lists. Highly recommended!

Chris DeChiara

To Save or not to Save Chicago’s Hideout

Source: Chicago Tribune.

What’s all this fuss about saving the Hideout? It’s the little bar that’s standing its ground amid a rising $5 billion tide of corporate buildings and music venues that are supposed to transform Lincoln Yards, a once largely overlooked pocket of land in Chicago’s North Branch industrial corridor, a few blocks east of the Kennedy Expressway. Development projects of this scale typically have little use for Prohibition-era taverns that have been repurposed as small-scale music venues.

For most of the last century, Chicago has been home to fiercely independent labels and clubs outside the network of multinationals that dominate the music and concert industries. The city owes much of its cultural diversity and richness to these small businesses. Yet it’s precisely because they operate outside the big corporate business template that recent Chicago administrations envision as key to the city’s future, that they are viewed as expendable.