New From Cadence

Cadence Jazz Records has released three new CDs:

CJR 1166 Kevin Norton (drums, percussion vibraphone)’s Living Language – Louie Belogenis (tenor, soprano saxophones) – Tomas Ulrich (cello) – John Lindberg (bass)
Intuitive Structures In his liner notes, Kevin Norton comments on the music that “the focus continually changes, but all these changes are improvised”; a great example of improvising teamwork, concerned with total sonic result (and not “where do I get my solo in?”). These are some of the leader’s most engaging compositions, for quintet that has both power and finesse.
Walking the Dogma #2 – Etude for Ricky W. – Aquarius – Walking the Dogma #1

CJR 1167 Paul Murphy (percussion) at CBS Jimmy Lyons (alto saxophone) – Dewey Johnson (trumpet) – Karen Borca (bassoon) – Mary Anne Driscoll (piano, vocal)
Red SnapperAfter being one of the more active members of the New York New Jazz scene in the ’70s and ’80s, Paul Murphy dipped a bit below the radar. During the last of the ’90s he again began to reactivate, leading and supporting on a number of select sessions. This is an historic date that is just now being issued. It is proof positive how high Paul’s groups were setting the bar back when… Great music then, great music now.Sailing Out – Setting Out – The Scenery 1 – Wild Reed – Steppin’ Out 1 – The Scenery 2 – Reeding Room – Steppin’ Out 2 – The Scenery 3 – Steppin’ Out 3 – Steppin’ Up – Mellow 1 – Mellow 2 – Innocent Incidents – Duo 1 – Duo 2 – Duo 3 – Red Snapper part 1 – Red Snapper part 2

CJR 1170 James Finn (tenor sax) Trio, Dominic Duval (bass), Whit Dickey (drums)
Opening the GatesThe debut of a new tenor voice. Logical, meaty and powerful, this post Bop offering was originally intended as a demo, but when CIMP producer Robert Rusch heard it, he decided not only to release it, but signed on Finn to a future CIMP session this Spring. Here is a taste of what’s to come.Stone Birds’ Northward Helix – Opening the Gates – Starlight Extensions – Falling Blossoms Rising Moon – Spinning Pyramids Propelled – Truth Exiled into Paradise – Transmissions Spheric – Prayer for the Dead


9th Vision Festival

Running May 26th-May 31st, the 9th Vision Festival will feature some of the best free jazz musicians performing.

Highlights of the Ninth Vision Festival will include:
The Revolutionary Ensemble playing together live for the first time in almost 3 decades. The Sun Ra Arkestra will celebrate Marshall Allen’s 80th Birthday. There will be the Joe McPhee Quartet with master percussionist Harold E. Smith as they reunite for their first performance in NYC in 32 years. Back this year in full strength, Henry Grimes Trio with Marilyn Crispell & Andrew Cyrille. James Blood Ulmer is coming. For the first time Kidd Jordan will bring his New Orleans Band. A special appearance by TRIO with Mark Dresser, Ned Rothenburg and acclaimed koto player Michiyo Yagi. Dave Burrell presents Echo/Peace Continuum. Khan Jamal Quintet will be appearing at the Vision Festival for the first time and Mixashawn is bringing the Double Duo. William Parker Bass Quartet with Henry Grimes, Gunter Baby Sommer & Connie Bauer & Barre Philips for the Peter Kowald and Wilber Morris Memorial Day


Wednesday May 26
D) Dance/ Music Group TBA
1) Mark Dresser, Ned Rothenburg, Michiyo Yagi
2) Equal Interest Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Myra Melford
3) Henry Grimes Trio w Marilyn Crispell & Andrew Cyrille
4) Fred Van Hove & Johannes Bauer

Thursday May 27
1) Burnt Sugar
2) David Budbill and William Parker
3) Collective Rob Brown, Steve Swell, Joe Morris, Luther Gray
4) Kahil El’Zabar / Hamiet Bluiett / Billy Bang
5) Blood Ulmer Jamaladeen Tacuma, Calvin Weston

Friday May 28
1) Marshall Allen and the Sun Ra Arkestra celebrates Marshall Allen’s 80th Birthday
2) Tazz Roy Campbell
3) Joe McPhee 4tet w/ Harold E. Smith drums
Dominic Duval bass, Rosie Hertlein violin
4) William Parker Quartet with Patricia Nicholson’s PaNic
5) Kidd Jordan NewOrleans Band

Saturday May 29
1) Reggie Workman’s Ashanti
2) Sabir Mateen w/ Raphe Malik, Raymond A. King Piano, Jane Wang Bass & Cello,
Ravish Momin Drums & Percussion, Sabir Mateen Reeds & Flute
3) Milford Graves, and special guest TBA
4) Cooper Moore w/ Triptych Myth + Moo
5) Double Duo Mixashawn with Rashid Ali, Pheron Aklaf, Ravi Coltrane,

Sunday May 30
P Steve Dalachinsky and
1) TRIO Whit Dickey Matthew Shipp William Parker
2) Khan Jamal Quintet – Jemeel Moondoc, Roy Campbell, Dylan Taylor, Dwight James, and poet Pheralyn Dove
3) Dave Burrell Echo/Peace continuum William Parker Sabir Mateen tenor, Steve Lehman alto, William Hooker drums
4) Revolutionary Ensemble with Leroy Jenkins, Jerome Cooperand Sirone

Monday Memorial May 31- Dedicated to Bassists Wilber Morris & Peter Kowald
In the afternoon a panel of artists discuss Waging Peace and Building Justice from inside the Vision Community
1) Butch Morris skyscrapers conduction tribute
2)) Gunda Gottchalk and Xu Feng Xia
3) Amiri Baraka Amina Baraka for Wilber
4) Gunter Baby Sommer & Connie Bauer & Barre Philips
5) William Parker bass quartet with Henry Grimes


Pi Recordings Artists on NPR

NPR is featuring Pi artists Vijay Iyer and Michael Ladd on All Things Considered.


The Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music

If you find yourself in Chicago this Spring, look up The Empty Bottle. Besides a strong regular calendar, they are featuring a week-long Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music:

WED. 4/21/04 (9:30pm; $10)
The eighth annual Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music featuring:
Erik Friedlander label: Avant, Brassland, Crypogramaphone, Siam, Tzadik
Brian Dibblee String Quartet label: 482 Music
and a special ‘surprise’ set

THU. 4/22/04 (9:30pm; $15)
The eighth annual Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music featuring:
Miya Masaoka label: 482 Music, Ratascan
The Anthony Coleman/Michael Attias/Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio label: Avant, Koch, Tzadik
and a special ‘surprise’ set

FRI. 4/23/04 (9:30pm; $15)
The eighth annual Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music featuring:
The Anthony Coleman Group label: Avant, Koch, Tzadik
Kent Kessler Ensemble label: Okka Disc
and a special ‘surprise’ set

SAT. 4/24/04 (10:00pm; $15)
The eighth annual Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music featuring:
Koch/Schutz/Studer “Hardcore Chamber Music”
Klaas Hekman
Robert Barry/Josh Berman Duo
and a special ‘surprise’ set


Total Music Meeting

This year’s FMP Total Music Meeting will take place Nov. 4-6. Artists who appeared in last year’s event include Richard Teitelbaum, Phil Minton, Georg Graewe, Cecil Taylor, and Tony Oxley, among others.


Other Music Festival

Based in Sheffield, UK, the Other Music Open Ears Festival has three upcoming shows that look more than promising:


Saturday 27 March 2004
EVAN PARKER – saxophones
LAWRENCE CASSERLEY – live electronics
UK’s leading saxophone virtuoso sampled and reshaped in real time
MARTIN SPEAKE – saxophones
Highly listenable electric jazz with a contemporary edge
Sheffield University Firth Hall
Western Bank, Sheffield
7.30 pm. £7 full / £5 senior citizen /£2.50 concession, all tickets on door

Friday 26 March 2004
PHILIP JECK – turntables
Vintage turntables and evocative sounds from a true innovator
Improv/drone/rock from this highly textural and fascinating collective
Ecclesall Non-political Club, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield
8.00 pm. £5 full / £3 concession, all tickets on door

Thursday 25 March 2004
KAFFE MATTHEWS – live electronics
Kaffe samples the concert environment live and re-presents those sounds in her performance
One of the original wave of UK improvisors, still at the top of his game
Over the Top, 78 Kingfield Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield
8.00 pm. £5 full / £3 concession, all tickets on door


Free Chris Cutler Show

The Foundation is offering a free Chris Cutler solo performance on April 7th in Philadelphia.


Upcoming Shows at the Iridium

The Iridium in New York has a remarkable series of shows lined up for the coming weeks:

MONKSILAND-THELONIOUS MONK TRIBUTE! With Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Dave Douglas Jean-Jacques Avenel (bass),John Betsch (drums)


ORCHESTRA HUMANE (Ubunto)BIG BAND! Marshall Allen, Taylor Ho Bynum, Stephen Haynes, Amir El Saffar, Jeff Hoyer, Steve Swell, Bill Lowe, Bobby Zankel, Sabir Mateen, Elliot Levin, Will Connell, J.D. Parran, Dominic Duval, Jackson Krall

ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO – Roscoe Mitchell, Famoudou Don Moye, Jaribu Shahid, and Joseph Jarman




Free DJ Spooky Lecture

DJ Spooky will be giving a free lecture at Columbia University on March 24th.


Les Tritonales Festival

France is the place to be in June. Les Tritonales Festival is running again with a lineup that has to be seen to be believed:

June 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th – Magma
June 15th – Mats and Morgan
June 16th – Forgas Band Phenomena and Syrinx
June 17th – Hugh Hopper/Elton Dean/Sophia Domancich/Simon Goubert
June 18th – We Insist!
June 19th – Zao
June 21st – Kafka and Guapo
June 22nd – B. Lajudie Quintet (featuring Bernard and Antoine Paganotti)
June 23rd – Pip Pyle’s Bash
June 24th – Univers Zero
June 25th – Sotos and One Shot
June 26th – Taal