July 2, 2022
Steve Baczkowski Solo, IBeam
Steve Baczkowski

July 2, 2022
Laura Cocks & Camilo Angeles, IBeam
Camilo Angeles Laura Cocks

July 2, 2022
Cecilia Lopez, Brandon Lopez, Jessica Pavone, IBeam
Cecilia Lopez Brandon Lopez Jessica Pavone

July 1, 2022
Chris Cochrane, Jessica Pavone, Brian Chase, Brandon Lopez, IBeam
Brian Chase Chris Cochrane Brandon Lopez Jessica Pavone

New England Conservatory 2022-23 Season Announced

Source: New England Conservatory. Highlights below.

2022-2023 Season: Contemporary Musical Arts at New England Conservatory

FALL 2022

Monday, September 12 – Tuesday, September 13 | Satoko Fujii Residency
Monday 6 p.m. Pierce Hall
Artist talk and presentation.

Thursday, October 13 | Jaap Blonk Master Class
6 p.m. St. Botolph Building, G-01

Sunday, November 13 – Monday, November 14 | Celebrating CMA Department Chair Emeritus Ran Blake’s Legacy of Innovation

Sunday, November 13 – “Living with Imperfection: A Portrait of Ran Blake”
3 p.m. Black Box Theatre Screening of a new film by Antoine Polin.

Wednesday, November 16 – “A Revolution in Music Education – Gunther Schuller’s Educational Legacy”

Tuesday, November 15 | Pushing the Limits
7:30 p.m. Jordan Hall

Thursday, December 8 | Crossing the Boundaries with special guest Don Byron
7:30 p.m. Jordan Hall


Monday, April 10-Tuesday, April 11 | Fay Victor Residency
In collaboration with Anthony Coleman. Residency details TBA.

Tuesday, April 11 | The Music of Fay Victor concert
7:30 p.m. Jordan Hall

AMN Most Popular Reviews of 2022 (So Far)

Here at AMN, we try to write as many reviews as we can. There never is enough time and so much fantastic music goes uncovered. And despite an unprecedented and ongoing worldwide pandemic, the music is coming out faster than ever before. Below is a of the 20 most popular reviews that we have published so far in 2022. Enjoy

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  6. AMN Reviews: Two From Matthew Shipp (4/18/2022)
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  8. AMN Reviews: FIMAV 38 Part 3 (5/24/2022)
  9. AMN Reviews: John Zorn – Spinoza (2022; Tzadik) (6/18/2022)
  10. AMN Reviews: Fergal Lawler – All Hope Is Never Lost (2022; Bandcamp) (4/10/2022)
  11. AMN Reviews: Lisa Ullén, Elsa Bergman, and Anna Lund – Space (2022; Relative Pitch) (2/26/2022)
  12. AMN Reviews: Catching Up with John Zorn’s Chaos Magick (4/11/2022)
  13. AMN Reviews: Laura Cocks – field anatomies (2022; Carrier Records) (1/14/2022)
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  15. AMN Reviews: Natasha Barrett – Diabolus/Ras (2022; Bandcamp) (5/6/2022)
  16. AMN Reviews: Colin Stetson, Billy Martin, Elliott Sharp & Payton MacDonald – Void Patrol (2022; Infrequent Seams) (4/30/2022)
  17. AMN Reviews: Retribution Body – Baphomet (2022; Full Spectrum Records) (2/9/2022)
  18. AMN Reviews: Live Music in Chicago / June 16th-18th (6/20/2022)
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AMN Most Popular Posts of 2022 (So Far)

Afraid that you’ve missed something in the realm of weird music? Fear not! Below you will find a listing of the 10 most popular non-review posts so far this year.

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  3. Avant Music News Best of 2021: Part I – Honorable Mentions
  4. RIP George Crumb
  5. The 10 Best Avant-Garde Albums of All Time
  6. Ornette Coleman’s Round Trip Box Set Reviewed
  7. Anthony Braxton Saxophone Quartet European Tour 
  8. RIP Mira Calix
  9. The Friday Experiment in Holyoke, Mass Returns on June 24
  10. Unlocked Festival Coming to Oakland, April 30

Freq Reviews

Source: Freq.

Sedna Chronicles – Sedna Chronicles

Ut – Griller

Philippe Petit – Modulisme Session 051 2nd Year BD

Masayuki Takayanagi – Station ’70: Call in Question / Live

Linnéa Talp – Arch Of Motion

Modulisme: Finlay Shakespeare

Coming to Boston

Source: Non-Event.

Asha Sheshadri
Non-Event continues its Summer Second Sunday Sound Series at Laconia Gallery with a solo by Asha Sheshadri.
Aug 14, 2022 Laconia Gallery

Judy Dunaway (solo) + Marie Carroll & Yoona Kim (duo)
Non-Event presents a free concert at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park in Brookline featuring a solo by Judy Dunaway and a duo by Marie Carroll & Yoona Kim.
Jul 23, 2022 Fisher Hill Reservoir Park

Shea Mowat
Non-Event continues its Summer Second Sunday Sound Series at Laconia Gallery with a solo by Shea Mowat.
Jul 10, 2022 Laconia Gallery