AMN Reviews: Andrew Skeet – Finding Time (2015; Sony Classical)

81NOl2AjmWL._SL1500_Orchestrator, dabbler (or more than a dabbler I’m sure, since what he does here makes me believe he’s a consummate pro) in electronics / electronica, video game music composer and  all around great arranger, on this solo outing the synergies of all of the above come together swimmingly.  This release demonstrates that when done tastefully, (as opposed to a patchy hodgepodge of saccharin strings and dated keyboard sounds)…the melding of orchestra and various “small” electronic swirls can, and does result in something hugely uplifting and ever so creative.

I’m reminded of a release a few decades back by Wim Mertens called “Integer Valor Integrale”.  Like Skeet’s work, it too had the same pensive, personal and positive energy while at the same time packing an emotional punch that can leave one touched (saddened maybe) by it’s simple, repetitive motifs.

When music works at this level, and for me it takes something pretty special to get me “there”…well, we have a keeper.  Thanks  for wearing it (and sharing it) on your sleeve Mr. Skeet.  Very Nice!