Anthony Braxton News

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

There are many exciting developments happening in the world of Tri-Centric and Anthony Braxton. Our artistic director is turning 78 next month and the summer holds a lot of exciting events as well as an upcoming new release. Tri-Centric’s New Braxton House Records is currently preparing for the production of 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 which features recordings of Braxton’s Lorraine music recorded in 2021 and 2022 featuring Susana Santos Silva (trumpet), Adam Matlock (accordion), James Fei (saxophones), Zach Rowden (bass), and Carl Testa (bass). These recordings are the second release of Lorraine music after the 2022 release Duo (Other Minds) 2021. The 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 release will feature 10 CDs and new liner notes by Braxton himself. More details about pre-ordering will be shared early this summer.

First up in events is Experiments in Opera’s Braxton Theater Improvisations performances featuring interpretations of Braxton’s Composition Nos. 279-283 for actor and musician. Buy your tickets here
Thursday – Saturday 15-17 June 2023
Anthony Braxton Theater Improvisations
The Brick
579 Metropolitan, Brooklyn, NY
with Rob Reese – actor/director, Kamala Sankaram – vocals, Nate Wooley – trumpet (June 15th), James Fei – saxophones (June 16th), Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone (June 17th)

A part of Braxton’s Trillium X will be receiving its World Premiere on August 1st in Prague with a concert reading. Trillium X will be performed by the PMP Orchestra with Braxton’s active participation. His longtime friend, composer, and trombonist Roland Dahinden will conduct the orchestra. More information on the upcoming performance is here.

Speaking of premieres, Braxton’s Thunder Music Ensemble will perform on August 7th in Darmstadt, Germany as part of the Darmstadt 2023 program. Braxton will be in residence this year and in addition to the Thunder Music premiere will be lecturing on his music and participating in workshops on his music organized by Kobe Van Cauwenberghe. On August 8th and 9th a two day conference on Braxton’s music will commence that will feature talks, panels, and workshops from some of the musicians and scholars most familiar with Braxton’s music including James Fei, Marc Hannaford, Elisabeth Harnik, Timo Hoyer, Harald Kisiedu, Kyoko Kitamura (presenting remotely), Nina Polaschegg, Anne Rhodes, Paul Steinbeck, Carl Testa, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Katherine Young and others. A panel discussion on Braxton as a composer and thinker will feature James Fei, George Lewis, Alvin Singleton, Paul Steinbeck, Katherine Young, and Harald Kisiedu.

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