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The World According to Noël Akchoté 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Akchoté seems to be on a path to play every kind of music that exists, at least in the Western canon. He plays Django Rheinhardt and Charlie Christian, B.B. King and Robert Johnson, yes, and also compositions by Anthony Braxton, Terry Riley’s In C, La Monte Young’s The Well-Tuned Piano. There’s the “Monk’s” (Thelonious and Meredith) and then there’s the “John’s”: Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Johnny Cash, John Williams, John Cage, Johannes Brahms, Johannes Ockeghem, Johannes Ciconia…in other words, on dozens of steadily accumulating recordings, he is playing through—via his own transcriptions—the history of Western art music from the Medieval era through the post-WWII American and European avant-garde. Oh, and there’s also playing commercially available technique books, collections of national anthems, pop music tribute albums, one-man-band sessions, live recordings, film scores, and other things that barely have a name.

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