New Releases From Colectivo Casa Amarela

Source: Colectivo Casa Amarela.

by Sal Grosso

Recorded during the great pandemic crossing of 2020 – 2021, “Istmo”, Sal Grosso’s third record, retains the naive spirit of his previous works: there are 9 tracks of free structure that constitute as many soundscapes made of sugary melodies and undulating synthesizers – always captured on the first take. The record thus walks in such disparate – but close – territories as Ellen Fullman’s drones, Lyra Pramuk’s experimentations, Steve Hauschildt’s psychedelic ambient, or the atmospheric jazz of Supersilent or The Necks. Make no mistake – this is a powerful, heartfelt record that perfectly illustrates the remarkable musical growth of Sal Grosso over the last couple of years.

by Ricardo Nogueira Fernandes

Vandoma is fog, it is rain, it is white light, it is granite. Vandoma is Portugal, it’s France, it’s England. Vandoma is the beaches of Gaia, it is Serra de Valongo, it is Cabo do Mundo. Vandoma is patron saint. Vandoma is Fontainhas. Vandoma are 14 tracks that evoke the genius loci of 13 places in the city of Porto, Portugal in their spatial and emotional dimension. Each song dialogued with the space to which it was destined. Each song was played and the confrontation between it and its space was recorded. Vandoma is noisy ambient, like Porto.