New Releases from Unexplained Sounds Group

Source: Unexplained Sounds Group.

Richard Bégin – Phase 5
“Phase 5” aims to analyze the affective power of sound, and to understand howsound assemblages can produce a perception of disaster. Inspired by the sonicenvironments specific to post-apocalyptic cinema, “Phase 5” extendsthe musical research that responds to the concept of “cinema for theear”.

Mysterium, Incubus et Terror – Edgar Allan Poe tribute by Eighth Tower
Eighth Tower is proud to release “ Mysterium, Incubus et Terror”, a tribute to the genius of the American master Edgar Allan Poe. Cd compilation of music inspired to his timeless tales, and a fully illustrated book of 13 classic original stories of the author. Cd and book are available separately or in bundle.

Darja Kazimira & Zura Makharadze – Songs from an obscure matriarchal tribe
Published by Unexplained Sounds Group, the new Darja Kazimira album, in collaboration with Zura Makharadze, is an improvisational cycle recorded by musicians Darja Kazimira and Zura Makharadze during the filming of the experimental, analogue film “Rue de la Lune” by the Irish director Juana Robles.

Francisco López – Dynamo
Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the main figures of the experimental music and audio art scenes. For over forty years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Dynamo is a meditation on the circulatory nature of energy and the synchronization of biological and technological systems. It is also an invitation for us to imagine and participate in the dynamos that will energize our future.