Hamid Drake Summer Solstice Observance in Houston

Source: Nameless Sound.

Summer Solstice Observance & Performance for Contemplation with Percussion & Voice by Hamid Drake

Two concerts will take place on July 21, 2023
‍8:00AM (Click Here To Purchase Tickets)
12:00PM (Click Here To Purchase Tickets)

Renown percussionist Hamid Drake occupies a singular place in world music. Forging a practice based on a lifetime study of global styles that emerge from pan-African, Indian, Caribbean, Arabic, Persian and American sources, Drake’s vision of sound and healing has been heard in the company of most of the major artists in the field of improvised music and many of the important names in world music. Drake’s spiritual devotion is unified with a musical conception that seeks to serve humanity through sound. His Summer Solstice performance on frame drum, voice and drum kit will include Sufi and Buddhist chants, as well as his own improvisations.