Noisefest This Friday in Omaha

Source: Facebook.

Noisefest is an experimental music festival featuring performances by local and touring noise musicians. Attendees will be immersed in the genre of noise, with sensory-rich performances in multiple spaces inside and immediately outside of Project Project.

Music Festival Lineup Includes:
Crank Sturgeon (Maine/California)
Sohl (Mexico)
Marsha Fisher (Minneapolis)
Dereck Higgins (D H X) (Omaha)
L Eugene Methe (Omaha)
Pile of Dead Horses (Kansas City)
GutEater (Ankeny, IA)
Mizerin (Wichita)
Okami No Seieki (Wichita)
Swamp Dragon (Wichita)
Frenzied Destruction (Minneapolis)
Alex Jacobsen (Omaha)
DJ Beetlebitch (Omaha)
Cole Kempke (Omaha)
Smith & Jessen (Omaha)
Quizmo The Machine Elf (Omaha)
Bovinae (Omaha)
Spare Parts (Lincoln)
Vex Moth (Lincoln)
The King of Love (Lincoln)