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20 Years of Avant Music News

Today is our 20th anniversary. I almost forgot. I was out walking with my wife last night and she asked me the date (post-pandemic time blurring is a thing). And then I realized.

It has been a ride. I have two main thoughts on the state of music and my relationship with it in 2023.

First, there is way, way too much for a modest site like this one to cover. To be clear, I am not complaining or suggesting that anyone slow down or stop recording and performing – quite the opposite, actually. But I truly wish that I could spend more time listening and writing. There is quite a bit of remarkably good material coming out on a regular basis that we are unable to review, discuss, or even mention.

Second, my taste continues to evolve. I read somewhere that most people’s preference in music solidifies around age 25 and rarely changes after that. In contrast to this observation, every few months I find a new genre, sub-genre, or angle of music that I have come to appreciate. In just the last two years, that includes a newfound appreciation of sparse free improvisation and electroacoustic drone, as well as a renewed interest in heavy music.

I am looking forward to where this all goes. I am both intimidated and exhilarated by the vast richness of new music. We are in a golden age that shows no signs of slowing.

Once again, my deepest thanks to the musicians, other writers and contributors, and PR folks. You have made the last two decades of Avant Music News a privilege.


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