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Shizuka Profiled

Source: burning ambulance.

Shizuka were a Japanese band, named for lead vocalist and songwriter Shizuka Miura. The core lineup also included her husband, guitarist Maki Miura, who was also in Les Rallizes Dénudés and Fushitsusha; bassist Takehayu Harakawa; and Fushitsusha drummer Jun Kosugi. They were active — using a generous definition of that word — in the early to mid ’90s. They started out with four self-released cassettes containing a mix of live music and home recordings. They then made a single studio album, 1994’s Heavenly Persona, for the legendary PSF label, and continued playing the occasional gig. In 1995, they released the self-explanatory Live Shizuka on Persona Non Grata (a short-lived imprint of Byron Coley and Thurston Moore’s Father Yod operation; their only other release was a Keiji Haino/Loren Mazzacane Connors live duo set, which is also great), then disappeared. In 2000, a live CD-R, Tokyo Underground ’95, popped up on the Last Visible Dog label, apparently sourced from a tape owned by the bassist. Eight more years passed, and another live album, Traditional Aesthetics, was issued, again on PSF. In 2010, Shizuka Miura took her own life.