Moving Noises 2023 Coming to Bochum, Germany 

Source: Moving Noises 2023.

After the pandemic is before the festival, the scene is coming together again. The Moving Noises Festival: a selection of Midira Records artists who present the most diverse aspects of ambient and drone with their sounds.


Legend has it that Eric Quach and Hellmut Neidhardt met at a Moving Noises Festival and were already making plans to start a collaboration. There are already two releases on Midira Records and a joint tour took place last year. Whether quiet or loud, thisquietarmy x N convince with massive drone sound walls.


With this collaboration we bring acoustic string instruments and electric guitar drones to the stage. Anyone who has seen one of Aidan Baker and BOW’s rare performances knows that something magical is in store for them. And who knows, maybe we’ll be there live when a new Midira album is made.


After thisquietarmy & Hellenica released their debut collaboration “Houses Of Worship”, the duo’s second work “Migration” followed, which will be continued under the name Houses Of Worship from now on. Electronics and guitar sounds in a seething mixture.


Aidan Baker on guitar and Tomas Järmyr (Yodok, Motorpsycho etc.) on drums. Two unstoppable creative musicians work together. The duo’s live sets impress with improvised soundscapes that culminate in a climax of guitar sounds and thunderstorms of drums.


One of the Belgian artist’s rare solo ambient performances. Even though Dirk Serries is constantly reinventing himself, from time to time he always comes back to the minimalist ambient sets that thrive on using his guitar to create soundscapes that create an embracing warmth.


Valerio Marras creates driving drone sounds with guitar sounds, tape loops and various electronic effects. At the festival, SARRAM will present a completely new set and break new ground.


Various influences flow into the ambient sounds of Hellenica, creating a sound cosmos that surprises again and again with subtle folk, blues or krautrock inserts. The festival day is also the release day of the new Hellenica album, which can be bought exclusively on tape on site.