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Harmonic Series 1/27

Source: harmonic series.

Zheng Hao and I speak over video chat about deformation, professionalism, illusion, mischief, sensitivity, and control.

Ben Zucker – Repersonal Territories (Commonplace Collage No. 2) (2021)

Andrea Belfi – Eternally Frozen (Maple Death Records/Bow, 2023)
Ensemble Dedalus / Ryoko Akama – ELIANE RADIGUE (Montagne Noire, 2023)
Francisco López’ 1981 through 1989 (self released, 2023)
Gabi Losoncy – Lieutenant (self-released, 2023)
Lionel Marchetti & Decibel – Inland Lake (le lac intérieur) (Room40, 2023)
oishi – once upon a time there was a mountain (Bezirk Tapes, 2023)