Coming to the Shift in NY 

Source: 411 Kent Ave.

Shift 67, Wed April 5
Matthew Ostrowski, Ted Moore
Raoul Björkenheim, Anders Nilsson
8pm, doors 7:30pm

Sun April 9
to and fro: Sylvie Courvoisier
5pm, doors 4:30pm

Shift 68, Wed April 12
Austin Larkin
Sean Meehan, Leslie Ross
8pm, doors 7:30pm

Sat April 15,
Peter Kerlin
Jack Cooper’s “Arrival”
(Sam Morrison, Jeff Tobias, Karen Waltuch)
5pm, doors 4:30

Shift 69, Sun April 16
Eva Sidén, solo, and duet with Marcia Bassett
5pm, doors 4:30pm

Shift 70, Wed April 19
CT::SWaM presents
Sari Carel
Mike Bullock
Claudia Robles-Angel

Thurs April 20
CT::SWaM Workshop
SEED 02:: Live Diffusion and Thresholds of Decentering
Evening presentation: 8pm, doors 7:30pm