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AMN Reviews: Big Ears 2023 Day 4 in Photos

Big Ears 2023 is in the books. Sunday’s performances started with classical-adjacent minimalism and ended in all-out chaos. Not shown due to photography restrictions are John Zorn with Trevor Dunn and Dave Lombardo, as well as the 13-piece performance of Cobra conducted by Zorn.

The former stood in contrast to the earlier Zorn pieces, which were based loosely in jazz and classical. Lombardo and Dunn brought the crunch and Zorn played like a madman through a 45-minute set.

Cobra was a visually fascinating and noisy endeavor, with Zorn using cards and hand signals to communicate with the group. Parts of it were just plain funny as the musicians interacted with one another, while the music was dense and erratic. If you ever get a chance to see a Cobra performance, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Morton Subotnik

Eliane Radigue Performed by Nate Wooley

Evan Ziporyn