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AMN Reviews: Big Ears 2023 Day 3 in Photos

Not too many photos from yesterday for a couple of reasons, so I will supplement with a few words.

Started the day with a 13-channel sound installation from Steven O’Malley. It was originally a cooperative piece with Peter Rehberg (RIP) which O’Malley has put on tape. It was one of the most striking installations that I’ve heard, with the droning music flowing through your body and some very disturbing lyrical imagery. This was probably my favorite experience of the event so far.

Throughout the day I saw five John Zorn performances. Photos were prohibited. I did not see this rule being enforced but decided to be a good citizen and honor the intent.

The series began with a hyperbolic piano jazz trio (Brian Marsella, Jorge Roeder, and Ches Smith), which gave me a whole new appreciation for how monstrous a drummer Smith can be.

Next up was a 5-piece acapella group performing the Medieval-styled Sacred Visions and similar songs. Perhaps because this performance was so out of place with the rest of the Zorn, it is probably the most intriguing and memorable of the day.

Later in the evening were two Bagatelles shows, one with the Mary Halvorson Quartet and Trigger, the other with two groups centered around Trevor Dunn and Ches Smith (Nova Quartet and Asmodeus). The high points were Kenny Wollesen’s infectious pounding of the vibes and Marc Ribot’s wailing guitar.

Finally, there was a surprise midnight performance of the New Masada Quartet, with Zorn, Julian Lage, Roeder, and Wollesen. It was short but energetic.

Today’s plan is to start off with the experimental classical of Subotnik, Radigue, and Ziporyn, then hit the last couple of Zorn shows.

JACK Quartet Performs Catherine Lamb

Vijay Iyer with Parker Quartet