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AMN Reviews: Deli Kuvveti – In the Summer Dusk (Sublime Retreat)

From the midst of a herd of clanging livestock emerges a gnarl of glitching and chafing, thrashing tape-ends, misfiring circuits and a detourned sliver of battered rock ‘n’ roll radio. Nature pushed out of the way by “civilization”? On his debut physical release for tiny perfect Polish label Sublime Retreat, Deli Kuvveti perplexes but definitely entertains the senses and invigorates the mind. While the exquisitely tinted cover art (by Rutger Zuydervelt) perfectly captures the slanted-ray coziness promised by its title, Kuvveti takes a far more abstract and estranging approach. Perhaps the grainy layers and low bombinations of In the Summer Dusk are a trick of the proverbial light on the consciousness when, at sundown, the world closes its eyes and dreams. 

And although the quiet riot of unnatural twilit wildlife persists at length, Kuvveti does an admirable job of adding to, recombining and finally resolving the textural complexity he has wrought. 

Stephen Fruitman

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