Ben Goldberg on Tour


March 23: The Jazz Gallery
Ben Goldberg’s Glamorous Escapades plays Porch Concert Material
John Ellis tenor saxophone
Will Bernard electric guitar
Michael Coleman weird synthesizers
Ben Allison bass
Allan Mednard drums
BG clarinet
Two shows: 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

March 24: Andrew Stephens Juilliard Masters Recital
Once a student; now mentor. The brilliant trumpeter Andrew Stephens presents his Masters thesis recital. 12:30 pm in Morse Hall at Juilliard.

March 25: Michael Rocketship at The Owl Music Parlor
Through-line of beauty from the mind of Michael Coleman.
Not to be missed.
Three bands starting 8 pm at everyone’s favorite venue, The Owl in Brooklyn

March 26: LOOPHOLE at Big Bar in Manhattan
Improvisational Excavation by Daniel Jodocy, Michael Coleman, Ben Goldberg, (Kenny Wollesen?) Music at 9 pm or so.

April 7: Ricardo Gallo and Horse’s Mouth at Andrew Drury’s Soup and Sound
Ricardo Gallo composition and piano
BG clarinet
Sam Kulik trombone
Rodrigo Recabarren drums
Andrew Drury’s intimate house concert series. Also on the bill: Ken Filiano & Santiago Leibson
Music at 8 pm

April 8: Brian Marsella Quartet at The Stone
Brian Marsella piano
BG clarinet
Michael Formanek bass
Ches Smith drums
Something tells me this will be a good show.

April 14: Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore in SF
Raffi Garabedian tenor saxophone
Danny Lubin-Laden trombone
Ben Davis cello
Jordan Glenn drums
BG clarinet
curated by David Boyce. Music at 7 pm

April 23: SINK HEAD TRIO at Mosswood Sound Series in Oakland
Ben Davis cello
Jordan Glenn drums
BG clarinet

April 28: Myra Melford/Ben Goldberg Quintet at Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley
Myra Melford piano
Liberty Ellman electric guitar
Matt Muntz bass
Jordan Glenn drums
BG clarinet