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577 Records Profiled

Source: The Wire.

Brooklyn based 577 Records was born out of the friendship between Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi, and its eclectic tapestry of dissonance – whether it comes in the thrust of free jazz and whirling guitars or the pulse of drum machines and synths – adds weight to Ughi’s claim that musicians survive when they nourish friendship. “Everybody should put out a label with your friends,” Ughi gleefully remarks. “People are the key to this, more than a [singular] genre.” With a history which spans over 20 years, many editions of its Forward Festival, and a new music residency Sounds Of Freedom, 577 exemplifies what can happen when the scene creates conditions for the old and new generations of improvisors to play together. Therefore, let this list of tracks serve as an invitation to listen to what friendships built on dissonance can offer.