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Steve Swell Performances and Releases

Source: Steve Swell.

Tuesday, March 14, 6:30pm–Aron Nemunworth/Rodney Chapman/Steve Swell at DMG (Free!)

Wednesday, March 15–Darren Johnston Large Ensemble at Main Drag in Brooklyn

Wednesday, April 5–Dave Sewelson/Sam Newsome/Jim Clouse/Steve Swell at Main Drag

Wednesday, April 12–Hans Tammen/William Hooker/Steve Swell at Main Drag

Friday, May 12–Reggie Nicholson’s Brass Concept at Firehouse 12 (New Haven, CT)

Tuesday, June 13–Joelle Leandre Tentet at this years Vision Festival which is honoring Joelle. Congrats Joelle!

Please look out for these releases coming any day now:

Dreamtime–Mats Gustafsson/Steve Swell Duo on LP: Live in St. Johann 2022 (Idyllic Noise)

For the People of the Open Heart–Steve Swell, Klaus Kugel, Mark Tokar (Fundaj Sluchaj!)

Dances With Questions: My large ensemble residency in Krakow in 2019 with many great musicians (Paal Nilssen-Love, Carlos Zingaro, Mikolaj Trzaska, Elisabeth Harnik, Gebhard Ullmann, Elisabeth Coudoux, Per Ake Holmlander, Hanne de Backer, Niklas Brano, Signe Emmeluth, Jon Rune Strom (NotTwo)

Rob Brown, Steve Swell, Chris Lightcap, Chad Taylor (RogueArt)

Michel Edelin, Rob Brown, Steve Swell, John Betsch (RogueArt)

Matthew Shipp/Steve Swell Duo (RogueArt)

Steve Hirsch, Dave Sewelson, Steve Swell, Matt Shipp, William Parker (Mahakala)

For Rhina P. Espaillat–Solo CD (Relative Pitch)