New From ReR Megacorp

Source: ReR Megacorp.

HENRY COW: Glastonbury, Chaumont, Bilbao and the Lions of Desire (box version)
A further collection of missing pieces uncovered since the release of the 18 CD Henry Cow Box that fills in parts of the story still undocumented – even on the bootleg circuit. Intended primarily for box owners – it’s designed to fit into the box – it’s also availab…

CUTLER, CHRIS : It makes Sense to Me (dbl CD)
This is part of the box that’s available separately – a collection of tracks from my recorded output over 50 years, featuring Henry Cow, Art Bears, Cassiber, News From Babel, Aqsak Maboul, Duck and Cover, Peter Blegvad, Rene Lussier, The Work, Les Quatre …

LUSSIER< RENE: Au Diable Vert
I seldom say this, but just buy this CD. It’s pretty much of a masterpiece: impeccable sound, jaw-dropping compositions, amazing detail and world-class performers. Scored for electric guitars and basses, two drummers, marimba, accordion, tuba, euphonium, clarinet, t…

DRAKE, BOB: The Legendary Lore Of The Holy Wells Of England
Bob takes a professional detour to explore an intriguing byway with this atmospheric, uncharacteristic, stripped down, highly intriguing (and I think highly successful) experiment in minimal exposition. There are thirteen chapters – for voices, organ, piano and ca… more »