Cooper-Moore Coming to Houston

Source: Nameless Sound.

Two Distinct Concerts
at Two of Houston’s Great Cultural Centers

Solo with Hand-Crafted Instruments and Voice
Sunday, March 5 at 6pm
in the Courtyard at Project Row Houses
2521 Holman St.
Solo Piano
Tuesday, March 7 8pm
in the Gallery at DeLUXE Theater
3303 Lyons Ave.

The work of Cooper-Moore is a testament to commitment, vision, compassion, and invention. Trained as the pianist of his family’s rural Virginian church at 12, community service was ingrained from the beginning. A working musician and composer, Cooper-Moore developed a method for teaching academic curriculum to 3 to 5 year-olds through music. Publishing this method, he traveled the country training Head Start teachers. His has been core figure as a pianist in New York’s free-jazz scene (first in the early 70’s, then again since 1985). But his artistry has also included music for theater, dance, and film. Cooper-Moore’s current performances encompass wide-ranging explorations on hand-made instruments, insightful storytelling, and virtuosic piano playing. He is an artist whose music embodies the urgency of the moment, and whose voice delivers plainspoken truth with unwavering intensity. In 2006 and 2008, Cooper-Moore came to Houston to work with children in Nameless Sound’s workshops, training Nameless Sound’s staff in his methods. Raising the bar for our own mission, he left an immeasurable influence on our organization.