Elysium Furnace Works Announces 2023 Calendar

Source: Elysium Furnace Works.

April 15: Angelica Sanchez (@ St. Andrew’s & St. Luke’s Church in Beacon, NY) — the celebrated pianist and Bard professor makes her Beacon debut in this solo piano concert;

May 20: Hot Wrk Ensemble (@ St. Andrew’s & St. Luke’s Church in Beacon, NY) — Beaconites J Brooks Marcus, Lois Hicks-Wozniak and Brad Hubbard perform vigorously engaging modern chamber music in their first performance in their hometown (and, yes: the trio’s name is “Hot Wrk (sic) Ensemble”);

June 17: Sarah Bernstein / Kid Millions (@ CHAC) — Violinist Bernstein and drummer Millions (Oneida, Man Forever) unleash ecstatic textures and unnervingly existential poetry at once fearless and fearsome in celebration of their new live recording;

September 23: exclusiveOr (@ CHAC) — this duo featuring the director of the CHIME (Chicago Integrated Media Experimental Studio) Studio at the University of Chicago, laptop artist Sam Pluta, and director of both Electronic Music and the Princeton Laptop Orchestra at Princeton University, analog synthethist Jeff Snyder, creates real-time electronic sound architectures which fluidly warp space-time, leaving far behind any conventional definition of “music.”