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21st Century Skronk: A Guide to the Second Life of ESP-Disk’

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Stollman shuttered ESP in 1975 when it finally became financially untenable even for his shoestring budget. But he renewed his passion project in 2005 after retiring from his job as an Assistant Attorney General for New York State. “As he pointed out,” Holtje says, “it sounds really impressive except there are literally hundreds of [Assistant Attorneys General].”

Since ESP’s revival, the label has pushed Stollman’s original agenda forward, filling the void with new, uncompromising artists. “I like to think that some of the people on the label now will be thought of in much the same way 30, 40 years down the road that we now think of, say, [avant-jazz heroes] Milford Graves or Henry Grimes or Ronnie Boykins,” says Holtje.