New Releases From Unexplained Sounds Group

Source: Unexplained Sounds Group.

Various Artists – Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America. After almost 6 years from the latest compilation focused on experimental music from Latina America, finally Unexplained Sounds Group publishes a cd release including, in addition to some of the musicians who participated in the initial project, many other artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Venezuela, thereby providing evidence of continuous aesthetic research beyond all conventional barriers.

Sonologyst – Electrons. After the latest album on Cold Spring Records and in the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the project, Sonologyst is back on Unexplained Sounds Group with the cd edition of “Electrons” , a classic of his experimental electronic music, inspired by the quantum mechanics.

The Great Old Ones – Mythos Of Cthulhu
Raffaele Pezzella is back with “Mythos Of Cthulhu”, the 2nd album of his side project “The Great Old Ones”. Inspired by Cthulhu, probably the most iconic figure of the whole Lovecraftian horror pantheon. Published by Eighth Tower Records.