New Releases From Cruel Nature Records

Source: Cruel Nature Records.

1) One Key Magic ‘One Key Magic’

The second album from political geographer Michael Mulvihill and electronic producer Chris Tate, continuing the duo’s exploration of electronic phenomenon produced by RAF Fylingdales, a Ballistic Missile Early Warning station. 2021’s debut drew widespread acclaim, with comparisons to early Spiritualised / Spacemen 3.

2) Katie Gerardine O’Neill ‘Into The Beyond’

The Dublin based artist and musician presents a follow up to her mysterious existential musique-concrete meditation ‘Message Green’ by diving even deeper into the sublime. 12 tracks composed using a variety of tape recorders, reel to reel archival tapes, digital software, and more, carrying William Basinski meets Broadcast, Julia Holter with a touch of Diamanda Galas, Weyes Blood and Scott Walker vibes.

3) Austin Cash ‘Judsonia’

An evocative slice of ambient Americana, told as a hallucinatory radio drama, based on Austin’s experience of living and growing up in rural Arkansas.

4) Halachemists ‘Annihilation Men’

Shadowy noise-makers plunder and rework archive material from mid-2000s performances and a classic 1983 The New Blockaders show at Newcastle’s Morden Tower.

5) Ddrome ‘Power City’

Drum/drone/trance collision from Jamie Davis, drummer with Dublin improv group Zeropunkt. Following 2021’s ‘Beyond The Thunderddrome’, ‘Power City sees a shift from long format tracks, with more space and the bare bones of melody.