CHIMEFest 2023 Starts Today in Chicago

Source: Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition.

CHIMEFest 2023 Schedule
Friday, February 3 / Logan Center Performance Penthouse, 9th floor (915 East 60th Street)
4:30 p.m. – Opening Concert featuring UChicago Student Compositions
The opening concert of CHIMEFest features a program of works by UChicago student composers and local musicians, with music by Hunter Brown, Ania Vu (featuring Eduard Teregulov), Jack Cramer, Ryan Garvey, and more.

7:30 p.m. – Dana Jessen, Bassoon and Electronics
Bassoonist Dana Jessen performs a concert of works for bassoon and electronics with music by George Lewis, Kari Watson, Dana Jessen (with video by Eli Stine), and Ryan Garvey.

Saturday, February 4 / Logan Center Performance Penthouse, 9th floor (915 East 60th Street)
4:30 p.m. – Liz Pearse, Voice and Electronics
Vocalist Liz Pearse performs music by Milton Babbitt, Darlene Castro Ortiz, David Bird, Kari Watson, Elise Roy, and Blaise Ubaldini.

7:30 p.m. – Ning Yu, Piano and Electronics
Pianist Ning Yu closes the 2023 CHIMEFest with a program of music by Stefan Prins, Joanna Bailie, David Bird, and Andrew Stock.

Friday, February 4 through Friday, March 4 / Various locations

Students in David Bird’s graduate seminar MUSI 45022: “Composing for Spatial Audio” have written site-specific compositions for the University of Chicago campus. These compositions will be accessible Friday, February 3rd through Friday, March 3rd, through the Echoes mobile app. When the Echoes app is open, you will see a map of each sonic location. As you progress, sounds will activate and begin playing based on your location. The project can be accessed on the Echoes website.