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Sole Massif – Encircle
i’m bringing my annual January exploration of free music to a close with an album that, as happens every year, should have appeared in my Best Albums of 2022 but i ended up listening to it just too late. That being said, when i first spent time with Encircle, by…

Darren McClure – The World Is Made Of Words
Today’s piece of freely-available music comes via Yugen Art, an online repository of sound art that in some respects resembles a netlabel but is more aloof, publishing things online with an absolute minimum of fuss or extraneous (or even pertinent) information. i’ve written about works from the Yugen Art archive…

Fermata myrkir
This morning i’m setting off for a week in Reykjavík, to experience all that’s going on during this year’s Myrkir músíkdagar, aka Dark Music Days. In my absence there’s a bit more free music to be explored, and there’ll be words galore when i get back from Iceland.

Seaming – Mermaid
Seaming To is an English singer and musician whose work seems to be the product of, to date, three distinct periods of activity. She was a guest vocalist on some singles in the early 2000s, followed by her own first EP, Soda Slow, in 2006. Then things went quiet until…

Gelg – Look Around You
The next music i’m featuring in my series exploring interesting free music is another soundtrack, again very short, this time from television. It’s something of an oddity, partly because it was never a ‘release’ in the usual sense of the word (and isn’t really available any longer), partly because it’s…