Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music Takes Place Next Weekend

Source: Pomona College.

Under the coordination of Professor Tom Flaherty, John P. and Magdalena R. Dexter Professor of Music, the 31st annual Ussachevsky Memorial Festival of Electroacoustic Music runs through the weekend. This year’s festival features two concerts with music that has been composed for humans and electronics.

This year’s second concert features music by Elizabeth Brown, Liam Carey, Christopher Cerrone, Tom Flaherty*, Allison Loggins-Hull, Natalie Joachim, Egbert Jan Louwerse, Wenbin Lyu, Niloufar Shiri and Eleanor Turner performed by Melissa Givens*, soprano; Maggie Parkins*, cello; Rachel Rudich*, flute; Alison Bjorkedal*, harp; Nadia Shpachenko, piano; and Niloufar Shiri, kamancheh.