New Releases From Clean Feed

Source: Clean Feed.

Patrick Brennan s0nic 0penings “tilting curvaceous”
Returning to Clean Feed after some serious years Patrick Brennan brings some stellar band and music. With multiple configurations and formats Brennan has been exploring his very specific compositions and directions as a starting point to improvisation since 1979. Brian Groder on trumpet, Rod Williams on piano, Hilliard Green on bass and Michael TA Thompson on drums complete this outstanding quartet

Juanma Trujillo “Contour”
Juanma Trujillo is surely a guitarist of note. Not only is he capable of playing avant garde noise, latin american music, rock and jazz as if it’s just one genre, he can mix it up in one language that in the end is his own. The music runs deep, sometimes more in sometimes more out but always with a flow that makes you want more of it. Kenneth Jimenez on double bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums (what a pleasure to have him back on the label, what a master!) complete the trio

Day & Taxi “Live in Baden”
Christoph Gallio from Switzerland has been running Day and Taxi for 35 years with different personnel even if every incarnation stays for long developing each phase into something new, always new. One of the most curious things about D&T is the great use Christoph makes out of the C melody sax, a very rare instrument with loads of stories to tell when the leader blows on it.

Luís Vicente 4tet “House in the Valley”
A regular on Clean Feed, Luís Vicente comes again with another gem with this very special quartet with John Dikeman, Luke Stewart and Onno Goevart. Recorded after a run of 7 gigs in Portugal supported by GDA Foundation, the band sounds incredibly tight, exploring spirituality, melody and constant interplay

Frank Gratkowski / Simon Nabatov “Tender Mercies”
Duo of masters, “Tender Mercies” is a showcase of modern craft european jazz by any means. The music is plastic and exploratory but yet concrete and backgrounded by the hours of shared music between Simon Nabatov and Frank Gratkowski

Isach Skeidsvoll / Lauritz Skeidsvoll “Chanting Moon, Dancing Sun – Live at Molde International Jazz Festival”
Brothers in life and in music, Isach and Lauritz Skeidsvoll are from Molde, Norway, where this live recording was made in July 2020. Playing at home you can say but what they search is not comfort or the use of it, instead they create full dynamics exploring the european language of improvisation into new territory

Afonso Pais / Tomás Marques “The Inner Colours of Boglins Outline”
Afonso Pais, guitar and Tomás Marques, alto saxophone, recorded a good number of impromptu sessions where they improvised within the jazz idiom. No tunes or editings were made and the beauty that came out of their instruments is the beauty you can find on this CD. Afonso Pais is just a master, he knows everything about the tradition that he plays like not so many in the world these days. His tone is just magnificent and once matched with a sax player like Tomás he can surely make it sing. For the world to hear

O Carro de Fogo de Sei Miguel “Um Um Um e Não Há Forma de Morrer”
O Carro de Fogo is one of the most accomplished Sei Miguel´s projects. This is an authentic working band that rehearses constantly in a methodological manner, following Sei Miguel´s scores rigorously. A piece divided in five movements called precisely Carro de Fogo. The amount of dedication to this piece is so obsessed that the music is always evolving and improving in a demand for perfection. “Um Um Um e Não Há Forma de Morrer” is definitely sui generis music that is mandatory to listen to