Two New Releases From Persistence of Sound

Source: Persistence of Sound.

For many years Langham Research Centre have been performing indeterminate music by John Cage, Christian Wolff and others. Their own works have developed ideas from this experimental tradition as well as musique concrète and post-war European electronic music. John Butcher has always had an interest in electronic music and the works of post-war Modernist composers. In the context of this release he thinks of his performance as similar to tape-splicing, so that a direct tactile connection is made between the concrète/electronic soundworld and the unparalleled acoustic qualities of the saxophone produced when he is playing.

Richard Orton (1940 – 2013) was at the vanguard of the home-computing democratisation of electronic music in the mid-1980s, authoring software as a co-founder of the Composers Desktop Project in 1986, and introducing Music Technology as a discipline to the University of York that same year. Hemlock Stone showcases Orton’s electroacoustic music, giving prominence to an often-overlooked figure in electronic music.