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AMN Reviews: Nicola Hein & Nicolas Souchal: Fier tel tonne [NUNC 034]

If I’ve read the liner note correctly, Fier tel tonne documents the first musical meeting of Nicola Hein and Nicolas Souchal in this improvised session recorded in a studio in Berlin in August 2021. Hein, a guitarist and sound artist with a particular interest in cybernetics and the human-technology interface, here plays the Buchla synthesizer as well as the guitar; Souchal, whose background is in contemporary jazz and improvised music, plays trumpet. The combination of these two fairly different voices makes for an interesting collective sound that moves between the abstract and the lyrical. Souchal’s sparsely melodic, muted trumpet lines and pitchless-yet-somatically-indicative extended techniques complement the electronically thick contributions from Hein’s guitar and Buchla. Fier tel tonne is an auspicious start to a collaboration that points to promising future developments.

Daniel Barbiero