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AMN Reviews: Bruno DuPlant – Quelques Instants D’​é​ternité (2023; Moving Furniture Records)

This offering from Bruno DuPlant is a single 47-minute track of long-held organ chords and notes, with background effects and noises. The tone is neither bright nor dark, hoving to an intermediate mood of introspection and a subtle yet distinct grittiness. Thus the action is split between the slow evolution and melancholy airiness of the organ in the foreground, as well as the scrobbling of effects and (possibly) other instruments in the background. The latter, from time to time, resemble the sawing of stringed instruments, clanging of bells, and rubbing of objects upon one another. With this rather limited palette of elements, Quelques Instants D’​é​ternité slowly digs itself into your psyche and proves rewarding across multiple listens.