New From Cruel Nature Records

Source: Cruel Nature Records.

EUGENE DUBON ‘Finish Line’ – The debut EP from Seattle ex-pat, Eugene Dubon. Seven tracks of bass-heavy atmospheric post-punk fuzz

SCORE ‘COPE’ – COPE is Score’s seventh long player for Cruel Nature. The album was directly inspired by the musical descriptions to be found in the autobiographies of Julian Cope: Head On and Repossessed.

KITCHEN CYNICS ‘Fractured Memories’ – Alan Davidson’s follow-up to last year’s acclaimed ‘Strange Acrobats’. Operating in terrain similar to Current 93 (with much more of an emphasis on the folk side of things) and Ivor Cutler.

DOWNTIME ‘Neurotics’ – New project, featuring the power duo of Mike Vest & Dave Sneddon. Noise rock slide guitar slipstream. Four tracks of power reverse riffs and dirges.
An intense sonic whirlwind reminiscent of Vest’s work with Blown Out

NEUTRALISER ‘Capsule Bowed Space’ – The 2nd collaboration from Charlie Butler & Mike Vest.
A 1h 19 min piece using fusing sonic still drones, space improv, deep meditations with bursts of mid paced psych rock dirges and haunting space capsule static.

ALL THE HEAVENS WERE A BELL ‘A Wheel Of Burning Eyes’ – ATHWB are James Watts (Plague Rider, Friend, Lovely Wife, Lump Hammer, Dybbuk, Möbius) and Esmé Louise Newman (Penance Stare, Petrine Cross, Fashion Tips, 1727). Two pieces of theopoetic drone/doom/noise/industrial/dark ambient. Like early Sonic Youth playing a gig in Hell. FFO Sunn O))), Coil, Deleuze & Guattari, Bastard Noise, Sarah Kane, William Blake, Les Legion Noires, Mark Fisher, Black Boned Angel, Laboria Cuboniks et al