Two Classic Frank Zappa Electric Orchestra Jazz Fusion Remastered

Source: Analog Planet.

Never one to sit idle, even with his leg in a cast and being confined to a wheelchair, Zappa pushed onward in the aftermath of that incident, in turn making some of the most creative music of his entire career. The resultant two albums — July 1972’s Waka/Jawaka (official Zappa album No. 15) and November 1972’s The Grand Wazoo (official Zappa album No. 16) — are two sides of a coin that finds our hero more or less picking up conceptually where he left off around the time of Hot Rats. In fact, Waka/Jawaka was originally intended as a Hot Rats sequel.

Celebrating both albums’ 50th anniversaries, Zappa Records and UMe have issued a pair of lovely 180g black vinyl audiophile editions of both and The Grand Wazoo, featuring all-analog mastering by Bernie Grundman.