New Unexplained Sounds Group Releases

Source: Unexplained Sounds Group.

The Great Old Ones – Mythos Of Cthulhu
Raffaele Pezzella is back with “Mythos Of Cthulhu”, the 2nd album of his side project “The Great Old Ones”. Inspired by Cthulhu, probably the most iconic figure of the whole Lovecraftian horror pantheon. Published by Eighth Tower Records.

Michael Valentine West – farewell to arms
Debut album of the English musician Michael Valentine West on the label Reverse Alignment. A work of rare beauty exploring the realm between electroacoustic and ambient music.

Unexplained Sounds Group – 8th Annual Report
the 8th chapter of the USG annual reports is out now and showcases the best 2022 experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. It includes veteran composers alongside younger but equally talented musicians from United States, Italy, Finland, Iran, Argentina, Jordan, Germany, Mexico, Greece.

Capricorni Pneumatici – Nibbas. Eighth Tower Records re-discovers by a cd publication the cult 1989 tape cassette “Nibbas” by Capricorni Pneumatici. They took their name from the Aleister Crowley “Liber A’ ASH vel Capricorni Pneumatici SUB FIGURA CCCVII”, and between 1987 and 1991 were one of the most active projects of the esoteric/industrial Italian underground.