Coming to Seattle

Source: Wayward Music Series.

Climax Golden Twins
Fri. Jan. 6, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

Celebrating the release of the first new Climax Golden Twins record in many years, they’ll play a set of rare and unusual 78rpm records and Edison cylinders on period equipment, then an improv set with percussionist Dave Abramson and bassist John Seman with the Twins on guitars, electronics and found sounds.

Lori Goldston
Sat. Jan. 7, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

Seattle cellist Lori Goldston plays two solo sets, one acoustic and one amplified, to launch her new solo LP High and Low, some of which was recorded in the Chapel. Lori’s voice as a cellist draws connections between far-flung idioms, and her work glides easily and across borders, building on a restless curiosity.