New and Upcoming Releases From Zeromoon

Source: zeromoon.

The Last Piece of Graphite – Bad Groupy

The Last Piece of GraphiteBad Groupy is the duo of Jeff Surak and Kris Kuldkepp and The Last Piece of Graphite is their debut album. The Sound Projector heralded it as “excellent, hugely enjoyable, not a wasted moment, a great and powerful noise…Bad Groupy might be reckoned as something cathartic, a Joy Division moment which an NME writer saw when the band left the stage looking purged, drained, happy to have worked the pain out on stage.” Recorded in the studio, in the woods, and on river banks using analog electronics, prepared objects, bass, double bass, guitar, and tapes, in Hamburg/Washington DC, in the autumn of 2022.

Radiogymnasium – Alexei Borisov and Georgy Orlov-Davydovsky

Radiogynasium“Radiogymnasium” is a joint album of veteran of Russian experimental music Alexei Borisov and the representative of younger generation of Moscow electronic scene Georgy Orlov-Davydovsky, the informal leader of powerful Moscow Noise Manufacture. All tracks have been recorded for about half a year at different improvised sessions, taken place at Ground Hodynka Gallery, High Tower Studio and during the live set of the duo at the legendary Noise and Fury festival at the Dom Cultural Center.
Both musicians use wide spectrum of sound sources: custom synths and noise generators, diy objects, tapes, microphones, effects, fm and short wave radios etc. This work is somehow inspired by the figure of Alexander Popov, Russian physicist and inventor of one of the first radio receiving devices. Radiogymnasium is a college named after Popov, it’s rather famous and respectable institution among specialists and fans of science and sound art. After the final editing and mastering by Orlov-Davydovsky, we have an album balanced between dense drone, intelligent noise, musique concrete and obscured electro.

Strange Lives – Jeff Surak

Strange Lives “Strange Lives” a new collection of concert recordings made in Hamburg and Berlin in the summer of 2022. Released by attenuation circuit as a name your price digital download.