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AMN Reviews: Ajna – The Enigma of Sirius (2022; Winter-Light)

Ajna produces quintessential electroacoustic and cinematic ambient music. The Enigma of Sirius is heavy on synth-based drones, with rattling elements and processed random noise spectra in the foreground or background. Said drones are deep and bassy, often having a voice-like quality that resembles chants rather than plain old chords. The rattling comes across as acoustic percussion rather than processed noises, but lacks a clear beat or repetitive structure. The noise can be spiky and forms waves that ebb and flow. But long-held notes ultimately dominate, exhibiting many textures and tones, all dark and haunting.

The album tells a story of ancient cultures coming in contact with extraterrestrials. Nonetheless, it can be received in many ways, including as a soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi / horror movie. Thus, the overall feel is cosmic in nature, but with a lingering sense of danger.