Avant Music News Most Popular Posts of 2022

While this list leans heavily toward “best of” posts as well as posts from earlier in the year, it is still interesting data on what happens to catch people’s eyes here on AMN. More year-end lists to follow…

  1. Joe McPhee’s Defiant Jazz Makes it to Prime Time TV
  2. RIP Ryan Muncy
  3. Avant Music News Best of 2021: Part II – Albums of the Year
  4. Avant Music News Best of 2021: Part I – Honorable Mentions
  5. AMN Reviews: John Zorn – Spinoza (2022; Tzadik)
  6. The 10 Best Avant-Garde Albums of All Time
  7. AMN Reviews: Nate Wooley / Columbia Icefield – Ancient Songs of Burlap Heroes (2022; Pyroclastic)
  8. AMN Reviews: Big Ears 2022
  9. New Magma Release, Kãrtëhl, Coming Soon
  10. RIP George Crumb