Coming to Seattle

Source: Wayward Music Series.

Invisible Composers Lab
Fri. Dec. 9, 8 PM; $5 – $15 donation at door

Invisible Composers Lab brings composers and musicians together across generations to create luminous new works. Tonight features new music by BC Campbell, Krystal Barghelame, and Paul Matthew Moore, performed by the Penta String Quartet (Heather Bentley, Jordan Voelker, Aleida Gehrels, Maria Scherer Wilson).

Outlaw Space
Thu. Dec. 16, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

Orchestral richness and an eclectic playfield of musical influences – just intonation, modal improvisation, jazz, European classical, Javanese karawitan – define the improvisations and compositions of this quartet led by pianist Stephen Fandrich, with William Monteleone (sax), Kirill Polyanskiy (violin), Greg Campbell (perc).

J. Largent/Tarsier Eyes/August/Drowse
Thu. Dec. 29, 7 PM; $5 – $15 donation at door

An observation of improvised ambient and drone music in various executions under a first quarter moon by Joey Largent, Tarsier Eyes i(prepared guitar), August Eliason and Jorgen Lovehart (Anacortes) with drummer Casey Adams, and Drowse (Kyle Bates – Los Angeles).

Tom Varner’s Vespers Project
Fri. Dec. 30, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

The French horn improviser leads a large ensemble of brass and field recordists for an evening of contemplative winter textures.