More Archival Henry Cow Material Released

Source: ReR Megacorp.

Contents: 1: the earliest and only known stage recording of the band as it was in June 1972 (Martin Ditcham, Fred Frith, John Greaves and Tim Hodgkinson) at the first Glastonbury Fayre. The recording is quite clean, though the mix heavily favours bass and guitar but, in a way, this makes it of special interest, both musically and historically. 2, Then there’s the brief two-week iteration of Henry Cow from April 1978 featuring Fred, Tim, Chris and Phil Minton, with an eclectic programme that included a lot of Westbook/Orkhestra materials. 3.Taken from a concert in Bilbao, in 1977, some otherwise unrecorded compositions from the late Cow repertoire in a typical mash up of different snippets – as well as: 4, further unusual extracts from the Chaumont concert in 1976 and: 5, a brief studio moment captured by a film crew during the recording of Half Awake, Half Asleep, in 1973. These are not hi fidelity recordings, but they are the only documentary evidence that survives of these configurations, and Bob has worked wonders with them.