New Cyclic Law Releases

Source: Cyclic Law.

CAMILLA PISANI “Phant[as]” CD / DL (AES005)

Italian Audio / Visual artist Camilla Pisani joins us with her new album Phant[as]. Imagined as a lucid nightmare, fuelled by her various inner struggles, it is a trip into the depths of imagination. The project is inspired by Phantasmagoria, a form of theatre that was most popular in Paris in the 18th century, in which images of skeletons, demons and ghosts were projected onto walls and/or sheets. During these performances, there was a rapid succession of lights, smoke, illusions, ghosts and spectres that deceived and amazed the audience.

DARJA KAZIMIRA “Monochromia” CD / DL (188th Cycle)

Remastered re-issue of her 2016 album of otherworldly funeral chants…in her own words she describes the inception of the album; “This album was a completely impulsive act, the realization of a regular artistic idea, which initially did not mean the final result…But in the end, “Monochromia” became one of my first big works. Here, only the “dialogizing” musical-improvisational experiment and the very nature of the ancient Greek tragedy, which demonstrate the archaic principle of distribution and the interaction of ordinary and ritual violence in the system of relations between man and metaphysics, were of importance.”

VORTEX “Häxan” LP + CD Set (209th Cycle)

A hundred years of WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES: In 1922 Benjamin Christensen’s film HÄXAN was unleashed and left a significant mark in history of film to this day. This psychological portrayal of occultism and inquisition combined a critical perspective on religion and patriarchy with stunning visions of possession, sabbath rituals, torture, and demons. In celebration of this 100th anniversary, German ritual formation VORTEX has developed a brooding, percussive and complex musical work evoking hidden energies and abyssal spirituality.