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Ivo Perelman Profiled with New Release Reviewed

Source: burning ambulance.

He’s one of the hardest-working musicians I know, and everything he puts out, he puts himself into 100%. And by constantly inserting himself into new and different contexts, he challenges himself and the listener. And he’s a fundamentally nice person, a gentle spirit who lives his entire life on an artistic quest, but without becoming a monk or some kind of sociopathic asshole forever chasing the next opportunity.

His latest release is Reed Rapture in Brooklyn, a collection of 12 duo sessions on the Mahakala Music label. Each session features a fellow saxophonist, and the lineup is fucking stunning: he’s paired off with Lotte Anker, Tim Berne, James Carter, Vinny Golia, Jon Irabagon, Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Joe McPhee, Roscoe Mitchell, David Murray, Colin Stetson, and Ken Vandermark. As always with Perelman, everything is fully improvised, with no discussion or preconceptions.