Ken Vandermark and PNL, Illegal Son in Portland

Source: Creative Music Guild.

Ken Vandermark (reeds) and the renowned Norwegian drummer PNL— one of the most prolific duos in improvised music today—join us once again on Earshot’s stage.

A Ken Vandermark and PNL pairing promises to be an exhilarating listening experience. PNL’s intensity on drums is matched by Vandermark’s on reeds; combining extreme and swift rhythms with deconstructed then reassembled melodic phrases, the duo represents the highest calibre of free jazz and improvisation, while often eschewing genres themselves. As is evident in their past efforts together, Vandermark and PNL’s programs vary greatly in texture and mood – ranging from lung-bursting ferocity to chamber-like solemnity, while also rarely failing to realize a good opportunity to get funky.