New Releases From 577 Records

Source: 577 Records.

Justin Purtill feat. Leo Genovese and Sean Conly
Simple Twist
I had absolutely no ideas about how I wanted the music to sound that day in the studio. None. I only knew how I did not want it to sound, and how I did not want it to feel. I didn’t want it to be pretentious or slick. I didn’t want it to seem safe or to feel precious. I like music that’s wild. That feels unrehearsed. Music that’s full of the mysterious and the humorous and full of sex and wonder and dance and all the other things that make life interesting. I guess what I mean to say is that my music is subtractive in nature, not additive. I find what I like only by discarding what I don’t.

Tennessee Blazes / Prospect Freeze
7″ vinyl
Sam Day Harmet – mandolin/fx/op-z
Sana Nagano – violin/fx
Zach Swanson – bass

Un Cacho De Metal, Un Resto De Vaiven
out Nov 18
NICHUNIMU is a Chilean improvisational trio working at the edges of free jazz, ritualism, noise, minimalism, and krautrock music. Since 2014, Benjamin Vergara (Trumpet), Nicolás Carrasco (Synthesizer), and Matías Mardones (Percussion) have been inspired by repetition, textures, and friendship through the sound, focusing on circular shapes in music that bind them together.

Francisco Mela feat. Cooper-Moore and William Parker
Music Frees Our Souls Vol. 2
out Jan 20
Can music liberate us? Francisco Mela, who worked and partnered with the legendary jazz musician McCoy Tyner, believes so. On this album, the second volume of Music Frees Our Souls, Mela collaborates with pianist Cooper-Moore and bassist William Parker to build a 2-part extended track project of advanced dialogue between 3 of the genre’s most important instruments.