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Touch Celebrates Forty Years 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Touch is not a record label. In fact, its longevity—Touch is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year—is due in large part to founders Jon Wozencroft and Mike Harding’s conviction that Touch is not part of the music industry at all. Throughout its history, they have operated on a relatively small scale, prizing agility over expansion. “You can get to a certain level of coverage or sales where success can actually kill because a release can become so overwhelmingly popular in relation to how you are set up to operate that you get pulled into an industry condition,” Wozencroft explains. “Mike and I have always fiercely resisted this. And this is one of the main reasons we say that we are not a record label because we do not see our work as fitting, in any way, into the paradigm of how the music business operates.”