Forrest Fang Interviewed About New Album

Source: Ambient Visions.

I’ve had an interest in ambient music since the mid-70s, when I started experimenting with tape delays after seeing a diagram for it in an electronic music book. At around the same time, I was also discovering the minimalist music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and the tape delay experiments of Brian Eno. The music was hypnotic and had a mysterious and open-ended quality to it that inspired me to try creating music in that vein. I would spend hours at the University electronic music studio recording electronic improvisations that, over time, I would cull down and edit into individual pieces. I self-released three records in the early 80s in very small quantities. It was very expensive to self-release music on vinyl back then, and the distribution for very small independent releases was still in its infancy. I was very fortunate back then to have been helped by Archie Patterson of Eurock and Steve Feigenbaum of Wayside Music (and Cuneiform Records) who both carried my albums for sale. (Steve also later released two of my albums during the mid-90s on Cuneiform.) Since 2000, most of my music has been released through Sam Rosenthal’s Projekt Records, which has been an ideal home for me, with its focus on ambient and electronic music.