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Ecumenopolis / Capital City (scores for installations by Elian Somers)
Digital release
This release combines the two scores I’ve made for Elian Somers’ video installations Ecumenopolis and Capital City. In the installations (in which still images slowly cross-fade), the music is acompanied by voice-overs, but it’s left unadorned on this album. Two moody, minimalistic drone/ambient pieces… hope you’ll dig it. More info about the installations can be found in the Bandcamp description, and on Elian’s website.

MM okt2022 BERG
Best documentary score award for Berg
At ISFMF film festival
Yes! Joke Olthaar’s film Berg was awarded in the catagory ‘Best Original Score, Documentary’, at the ISFMF (International Sound & Film Music Festival) in Croatia.
So that’s my music, in conbination with Hugo Dijkstal’s impeccable sound design and mix. To celebrate, the BERG cd is now 5 euro only! And if you ever get the chance to see the film on a big screen, do it, it’s absolutely worth it.

MM okt2022 SC2
Sylvain Chauveau – L’effet Rebond
Album out on Sub Rosa
I’ve contibuted electronic sounds to Sylvain Chauveau’s new album, alongside Piiptsjilling-colleague Romke Kleefstra, as well as Peter Broderick. As expected from mister Chauveau, it’s a beauty. The release is out on Sub Rosa, and accompanied by an album from (the to me unknown) Pierre-Yves Macé.

MM okt2022 Podcast
Dat Kan Geen Toeval Zijn
Volkskrant podcast
After Een Soort God, Simone Eleveld asked me to do the music for her newest podcast, Dat Kan Geen Toeval Zijn (“That Can’t Be A Coincidence”), about secret services, with a super strange empty airplane encounter as its starting point. Unfortunatly for most readers, it’s in Dutch. But for all you Dutchies: “een aanrader!”.

MM okt2022 dans
Our Arms Grew Together / CM_30
Performances in the Netherlands and Germany
Marta & Kim’s Our Arms Grew Together (by Marta & Kim) and Kolja Huneck’s CM_30 will be performed in the Netherlands and Germany in the near future. If you’re nearby any of these, do check it out, both are fantastic performances. Oh, and I did the music for both.
Click on the dates for tickets and more info.

Marta & Kim – Our Arms Grew Together
2 November, Festival Cement, ’s Hertogenbosch (NL)
29 November, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)
10 December, Theater De Verbeelding, Purmerend (NL)

Kolja Huneck – CM_30
22 October, Knabenschule, Darmstadt (DE)
4–6 November, Lichtwoche München (DE)
11 November, La Nuit Cirque, Hamburg (DE)

MM okt2022 Lema
Aimée Zito Lema – The Sea as Common Ground
Installation at LOOP Barcelona
Earlier this year I did the music for Aimée Zito Lema’s performance The Sea as Common Ground, commissioned by the the Whitstable Biennale. For LOOP Barcelona (November 8–20), the filmed performance is turned into a 2-channel video installation, and screened as part of gallery Tegenboschvanvreden’s program.